How to make an IntelliJ IDEA plugin in less than 30 minutes

Sometimes it is a nice thing to extend an editor to have it do some new stuff, like being able to revert an open file to its state on disk. In this post I’m going to quickly demonstrate how to start and finish a plugin to extend the IntelliJ IDEA editor from Jetbrains. These instructions will work if you have the Ultimate or Community edition, and you can make the plugin available for all IntelliJ based editors including WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine and PHPStorm.

Whether you can finish these instructions under 30 minutes depends on your internet connection speed, because you have to do a git clone of the IntelliJ Community Edition source code, and that’s a lot of stuff to download.

At my current employer Floobits we are working on an IntelliJ plugin, and through that process...

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